Terrace Town Resources

Teaching Resources

Box City Curriculum

Livability 101, published by the American Institute of Architects



Architectives: Form and Function, Bodies and Structure, and Aesthetics from Mentor Arlan Kay

Building Type Assessment from Glendale

Salvadori Function and Form Handouts

What It Feels Like to Be a Building Poses


Density Lesson from Brian Ansel

Density Powerpoint


Sun, Wind, Land: A Sustainable Terrace Town Activities from the Chicago Architecture Foundation

Let’s Get Energized Assorted Lessons

Museum of Science Boston’s Design Challenges include Whirling Windmills, and Aviary Architect


Salvadori Center has a handful of resources that explore the math and science in the buildings, bridges, parks, and communities that surround our students’ lives.

Environment and Nature

Environmental Justice Unit from Muir

Biomimicry Image Slideshow from Muir

Water in the City Assorted Lessons

Urban Forests Assorted Lessons


Greening Your City

Ideas and Images to Make a Green Box City Slideshow from Crestwood


Geoblock Lesson Plan

Geoblock Label Template


Metropolis Lesson Plans from Bay Area educator John Martoni

Scale and Measurement

Scale and Measurement


Street and Highway Conversation Starters from Mentor Arlan Kay

Growing Up Boulder

London Transport Museum

Walk Around the Block

Neighborhood Bingo Handout

Investigate a Building Handout

Neighborhood Survey Lesson Plan

Neighborhood Survey Handout

City of Madison Field Trip Worksheets from Glendale

How To Read a Building from the Chicago Architecture Foundation

Working Together

Austin’s Butterfly/ Practicing Constructive Criticism from Crestwood


Going Green Research and Opinion Writing from Crestwood

Student Building Reports from Van Hise Elementary

Zoning and Land Use

Introduction to Zoning Lesson Plan

Introduction to Zoning Label Template

Student-Created Zoning Map from Glendale

Wild Card “Where should this controversial building go?” Lesson Plan

UW-Stevens Point Planning Resources

Standards and Assessment

Common Core Standards

Wisconsin Academic Social Studies Standards

Assessment Ideas

Student Assessment Handout from Glendale

About the Program

October 29 Kickoff

Powerpoint of Past Terrace Town Cities

American Planning Association’s I Was an Ambassador for Planning in a Third Grade Classroom

Mentor Activity Ideas- Pam Andros

Mentor Activity Ideas- Michael Jelinek

Mentor Activity Ideas- Jason Valerius

Mentor Orientation Handouts

Mentor Orientation Powerpoint

Teacher Orientation Powerpoint

Teacher Orientation Handouts

Documenting the project

Sauk Trail’s photo story about their Terrace Town project (wmv format)

New Century Students take photos and write text in an online tool called Siftr to record their observations and ideas. Here is ONE example photo that we discussed today.

New Century video document

Glendale Elementary’s 2016 student-produced magazine on Terrace Town

You Tube Videos

Overview of program- Running Time 3 minutes

Overview of program- Running Time 11 minutes

AIA National’s Celebrating Architecture: Look Up

Crash Course Kids:  Let’s Build a City

The Roundabout Dance

My Favorite Place Series- Each has a running time of 2-3 minutes

Jason Valerius, Madison Children’s Museum

Jordan Williams, Chocolate Shoppe

Arlan Kay, Town of Oregon

Michael Jelinek, Allen Centennial Gardens

Tom Hirsch Wingra School Outdoor Classroom