Virtual Event Capabilities

GBAC Star Facility 2021

Technical Specifications at a Glance

A robust network infrastructure is crucial for hosting virtual events. Monona Terrace’s Network is industry leading.

  • Dual 10 GigE connections to Internet using separate Internet Service Providers over fiber and wireless
  • 40 Gigabit building fiber backbone
  • Gigabit Ethernet to show floor
  • Redundant firewalls
  • Redundant Network Core
  • Onsite Network Technicians
  • Voice (phone) service and Support
  • 45’x15’ screen
  • GBAC STAR cleaning accreditation
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Turning an in-person meeting into a virtual meeting takes more than simply telling people to sign up for an online service. Monona Terrace has the digital infrastructure, technical expertise, full-time audio-visual staff, and meeting planning experience to be your partner in taking your meeting virtual.

Our professional AV staff can help you stand out when most other virtual meetings look the same. It starts with the technical specifications: By using two separate Internet service providers (ISPs) with unique paths into our facility both over fiber connections and wireless links, we ensure that you will always have an Internet connection and therefore a successful virtual meeting. Redundancies in our internal network at key connection points ensure both wired and wireless clients will have access to the Internet. Monona Terrace follows industry best practices for all of our upgrades and offers state-of-the-art equipment and infrastructure—all meticulously maintained.

Whether your online event is big or small; hybrid or fully virtual we are here to help you achieve your vision. If you have already selected an outside virtual meeting provider, we will work with your chosen vendor to facilitate the execution of your event.

Services Offered
• Hybrid Events
• Online Polling
• Live Q & A
• Multiple Platforms
• Picture in Picture view of Presenter and Presentations

Monona Terrace is a unique combination of beautiful lakefront architecture and digital infrastructure, plus technical and production expertise.  Combined with nearly 25 years of virtual meetings experience we are here to help you navigate the new normal by creating an engaging and memorable experience for both onsite and virtual attendees.

Let us orchestrate your incredible.

“…we were then tasked with finding a location where the speakers could present while honoring social distancing and have a strong dependable Internet connection.”

Cassandra Strupp, Professional Dairy Producers of Wisconsin

“Your AV team helped our event be a success, even though our Keynote Speaker was stuck in the Denver Airport!”

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