Monona Terrace Virtual Learning

Take an audio tour of our remarkable facility to learn more about our famous architect, Frank Lloyd Wright and his “dream civic center.” You can also download our kids, family, and classroom activities that will teach you about the inspiration behind his design choices and the colors, patterns, and shapes that are uniquely Frank Lloyd Wright.

Monona Terrace Audio Tour


Channel your inner architect with these downloadable activities

An Architect and his Dream



Color and Pattern

For further exploration and additional learning at home

Teacher Materials to learn about reading a building and understanding architectural vocabulary

The Wright 3 Book Club – activities to accompany The Wright 3 book by Blue Balliett, recommended for readers age 8+

How to draw Monona Terrace

Print and color your own Monona Terrace

Print and color an abstract drawing inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright’s Monona Terrace