Monona Terrace

The City of Madison´s Human Resources Department administers the recruitment/employment process for Monona Terrace. If you are service minded and have the desire to provide the ultimate in guest satisfaction, then we are the employer for you. Our employees´ can-do attitude is the key to our success. It is the goal of Monona Terrace to develop caring professionals by providing an environment that encourages growth, self-worth and well-being. We invite you to come and see why Monona Terrace is a great place to work.
The City of Madison is An Equal Opportunity Employer operating under an Affirmative Action Plan.


Monona Terrace Catering

Monona Catering is the award winning exclusive caterer for the Monona Terrace Community and Convention Center.

We consider our Employees to be one of our most valuable resources, and we are committed to the health, safety and growth of our employees.
We are a dynamic and creative company that promotes teamwork and enthusiasm at all levels, and lives by our vision, To Be the Best, No Less.
Join our team and be part of something special!


Our Promise To You

Customer Service Philosophy

As a convention center, community-gathering place and tourist destination, Monona Terrace is a working piece of art where customer service is our highest mission. We promise to deliver a positive and inspirational atmosphere for our guests by providing them with the finest personal service in a visually stunning setting.

Steps of Service

  • Creating an inviting and exceptionally clean environment
  • Maintaining a safe, secure and accident-free environment
  • Understanding our guests requirements, delivering what we promise, and exceeding both expressed and unexpressed expectations
  • Having a friendly, accommodating and easily identifiable staff
  • Having a competent, professional, engaged and knowledgeable staff
  • Conveying a professional image by taking pride in personal appearance
  • Acknowledging our guests with a smile and a friendly greeting, while maintaining positive eye contact
  • Being flexible and finding a way to say yes
  • Empowering our staff to make decisions that provide instant guest satisfaction by addressing and resolving issues immediately
  • Having state-of-the-art technology and equipment in excellent working condition
  • Having a staff that works together, communicates effectively and supports each other
  • All employees are involved in the planning of the work that affects them
  • Being a leader in our industry

Promise to our Employees

Employees are the most important resource in providing service to our guests. We share a sense of pride in our mission, goals and our unique role in the community. Monona Terrace provides its staff with the tools and information necessary to exceed our guests´ expectations. Employees look forward to coming to work every day because they are proud of what they do and know that they contribute to the success of Monona Terrace.