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Student Programs, Tours, and Field Trips2024-02-26T15:58:13+00:00

Student programs,

Tours, and Field Trips

Come and be inspired.

Monona Terrace tours and programs introduce world renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright’s work and ideas to students and their teachers. This is an opportunity for educators to bring to life for their students Wright’s organic architecture approach and to better understand how a building’s design can create harmony between people and the environment. Students learn how Wright used shapes, space, and materials in innovative ways that changed how people experience buildings in its relationship to the natural surroundings.

Our programs foster observing skills, problem-solving, and collaborating. Tours and programs are designed for 2nd grade and above and support Common Core and state academic standards.

Current Programs

Student Programs

Monona Terrace student programs enrich your STEM, social studies, language arts, and art curriculum.

Terrace Town

Our biennial Terrace Town program challenges Dane County classrooms to design and build models of sustainable communities.

Teacher Materials

Download a packet that includes pre-visit discussion and activity lessons, program alignment with academic standards, and tips to plan your school visit.

Come Visit Us!

Monona Terrace offers an interesting, inspirational experience for everyone. We look forward to introducing you to the life and work of Frank Lloyd Wright in one of his flagship designs – Monona Terrace.

Frequently asked


Does Monona Terrace offer tours, programs, and exhibits year round?2022-12-05T09:04:12+00:00

Tours and programs are available year round. Public tours are available Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at 1pm. Adult Group Tours are available by advance reservation by completing a Reservation Request.

Exhibits at Monona Terrace are free and are available daily from 8:00am to 5:00pm. “Art on the Rooftop” is open to the public whenever the rooftop gardens are open. Please refer to our event calendar for closures.

Does Monona Terrace have bus parking?2022-12-05T09:07:12+00:00

Bus parking is available by request. Please contact Heather Sabin at hsabin@mononaterrace.com if you need a location for bus drop-of or parking.

Does Monona Terrace still offer a Girls Scouts program?2022-12-05T09:08:43+00:00

Monona Terrace no longer offers an organized Girl Scouts program. However, we welcome Girl Scout Troops! Programs and tours can be arranged on an individual basis. Please contact Heather Sabin at hsabin@mononaterrace.com.

Does Monona Terrace provide food or beverages for tours?2022-12-05T09:09:58+00:00

Monona Terrace does not provide food or beverages for any tour, except for the Wine & Cheese or the Bubbly options. Student groups may bring sack lunches. Tables and chairs will be provided. 

During warmer months, everyone is encouraged to enjoy lunch or dinner at Lake Vista Cafe on our rooftop.