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Daylong Meditation Retreat

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Daylong Meditation Retreat Sunday, April 15 9am-4pm includes 1.5 hr. break for lunch (lunch available for purchase) Community Terrace Please join us in the beautiful surroundings of Monona Terrace for a day-long meditation retreat guided by Sarah Moore M.D. The focus will be self-care and restoration. Give yourself this gift and take the time to [...]

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Wellness Talks

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Free and Open to the Public Friday, February 2 12 noon – 1pm Self-Care During Stressful Times By Wendy Grapentine, CMT Learn about different tools and techniques to help manage the stresses of life and work. When we are on the receiving end of a customer/coworker/family member/friend's anger or frustration, we take an energetic "hit". [...]

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Lunchtime Yoga

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  January 18 through February 15, 2018 Mondays & Thursdays 12 noon - 12:45pm FREE & OPEN TO THE PUBLIC Take a break from the daily stresses of your workday with Lunchtime Yoga! Focus on breathing techniques to help relieve stress and learn useful techniques to navigate the rest of your day. Jill Lundberg's classes [...]

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Meditation At Monona Terrace

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March 28-May 30 Wednesdays 12noon – 12:45pm No Classes April 11 and May 9 April 18 SPECIAL TIME 5-5:45pm FREE AND OPEN TO THE PUBLIC Touted by attendees as our most impactful program, spending even a few minutes in meditation can reconnect you with a sense of calm and inner peace. Anyone can practice meditation. [...]

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Tai Chi

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  Tuesdays & Thursdays June 2018 12 noon - 12:45pm, Rooftop Garden FREE AND OPEN TO THE PUBLIC A unique Madison favorite! De-stress during the workday with gentle lake breezes and soothing sounds of the Monona Terrace fountain, as you experience the ancient art of T’ai Chi. All levels of experience are welcome to enjoy the [...]

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Yoga for Healthy Neck and Shoulders

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Yoga for Healthy Neck and Shoulders February 20 – March 22 Tuesdays & Thursdays 12 noon – 12:45pm FREE & OPEN TO THE PUBLIC Many of us spend our days hunched over a computer or driving for long periods of time in a car. Yoga for Healthy Neck and Shoulders will explore yoga postures and [...]

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