Terrace Town

Terrace Town embodies the idea that cities designed by kids work for everyone. Terrace Town
brings architecture, design and city planning curriculum to Dane County elementary classrooms. Over several weeks, elementary students learn how cities are planned, what makes a quality city, and how citizens can participate in the improvement of their community. Integrating math, social studies, and visual arts, classrooms design and construct a scale model city out of cardboard boxes, paper, paint and lots of imagination.

The student’ cities are literally built from the ground up and include houses, stores, churches, hospitals, schools and municipal buildings. But they also include public green spaces, rivers, and lakes to encourage kids to think about where they live and how they can be better stewards of their environment.

Once complete this impressive display of cities is installed in Monona Terrace’s Exhibition Hall for public viewing (and inspiration!).

Teachers work in partnership with volunteer “mentors”- architects, planners, and design professionals- to facilitate the students’ work. The Terrace Town program prepares children for lives of active citizenship and develops a deeper understanding of how people impact the world around them.

Dane County elementary teachers who wish to learn more should contact Heather Sabin 608.261.4015

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Monona Terrace offers an interesting, inspirational experience for everyone. We look forward to introducing you to the life and work of Frank Lloyd Wright in one of his flagship designs – Monona Terrace.