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Wellness Talks

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Who Cares for the Caregiver?

Paul Braun
Thursday, September 19
12 noon – 1pm

Paul shares his personal journey of caring for his spouse who suffered with Alzheimer’s disease for 8 years. Having made the decision to put his wife in a Memory Care unit he can offer some insight and information about issues people face in caring for a loved one.

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Start the MOVE-ment!

Alec Sawalski, MS, CSCS
Tuesday, October 29
12 noon – 1pm

Too often we miss opportunities to be more physically active. This presentation encourages more movement in life, whether at work or during your weekend. Become inspired to move more while reaping the many benefits of doing so: increased energy levels and productivity, prevention of chronic illness, weight management, and much more.

Alec Sawalski is a worksite wellness specialist with Group Health Cooperative of South Central Wisconsin. He earned a Masters in Kinesiology from the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee and has over five years experience in the wellness industry. His experience has furthered his passion for fitness and wellness, and he uses this knowledge to help people lead healthier lives.

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Gut Check: Common Digestive Issues and the Role of Nutrition

Carly deGrood MS, RD, CD, CDE
Tuesday, November 12
12 noon – 1pm

A review of what “normal” or healthy digestive health is. Covering common digestive problems people experience and their potential causes. Nutrition strategies for improving and maintaining a healthy gut discussed in detail.

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