Free and Open to the Public

Friday, February 2
12 noon – 1pm

Self-Care During Stressful Times

By Wendy Grapentine, CMT

Learn about different tools and techniques to help manage the stresses of life and work. When we are on the receiving end of a customer/coworker/family member/friend’s anger or frustration, we take an energetic “hit”. We often refer to this as feeling like a “punch to the gut” or feeling like we got “broadsided”. That’s because our bodies register the negative energy directed at us. So, what do we do when that happens and what can we do to prevent it?

Wendy Grapentine will cover three strategies focusing on the mind, the body and the energy body. Using one or all of these strategies can help you care for yourself and be happier, healthier, and more productive in your life and work

Friday, March 2
12 noon – 1pm

Fasting, Cleanse, and Detox for long-term Digestive and Metabolic Wellness

By Dr. Ruddy, ND

Join Dr. Ruddy for a naturopathic overview of clinically sound dietary and supplemental protocols appropriate for boosting your energy level and initiating healthy weight loss.

Wednesday, April 18
12 noon – 1pm

Cognition- What is it and Why is it Important?

by Lisa Bratzke, Assoc. Professor at UW-Madison, Dept. of Nursing

In this talk, Lisa Bratzke explains the brain and the ways it helps us process the world around us. She will discuss the importance of maintaining cognitive health, accelerated cognitive aging, mild cognitive impairment and dementia. In addition to her own research, she will share other current information to give a holistic view on this topic.

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