Health & Wellness Presentation

Thursday, April 27

12 noon – 1PM, Lecture Hall

Shifting into Positive Gear

Presented by Tina Hallis, Ph.D.

It’s easy to get stuck focused on problems and all the things we don’t like about our life, family, work or colleagues. This is actually an instinctive response because we’re wired for survival and have evolved to hyper-focus on anything potentially dangerous. The great news is that studies from Positive Psychology are showing we can train ourselves to override this instinct so we can shift our thinking to notice more of the positive and improve our overall resilience and wellbeing. When we increase our positivity, we not only have a more enjoyable life, we’re more motivated, make better decisions, and we’re even healthier.

tINA-hALLISTina Hallis, Ph.D. is certified in Positive Psychology through the WholeBeing Institute, an Authorized Partner for Everything DiSC®, and a Professional Member of the National Speakers Association. She worked for 20+ years in Biotechnology before starting her own company, The Positive Edge, so she could help individuals and organizations increase their positivity to improve the quality of people’s lives and the quality of company cultures.





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