Going Green Earns a Gold

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Monona Terrace is recognized with the second highest LEED rating Before the world was talking about green buildings, Monona Terrace architect and visionary, Frank Lloyd Wright, pioneered an organic approach. By focusing on construction that honored the relationship between people and nature, and by using local material and incorporating solar energy into his plans, he [...]

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How to Choose a Sustainable Venue

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Many organizations require that their events meet certain environmental standards. And even if organizations don’t set standards, planners often do. “Ten years ago, planners were not concerned with or even considered greening their meetings—now it’s a more frequent occurrence with folks wanting to meet in a ‘green facility,’” explains Laura MacIsaac, director of sales for [...]

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Experience a Revitalized Monona Terrace

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Something’s different about Monona Terrace in Madison, Wis. After about a month’s worth of work, the community and convention center reopened its doors at the beginning of February, welcoming guests to check out its newly renovated features. Many of these updates aren’t purely for looks – they offer real advantages for guests who use the venue [...]

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Working Together To Achieve a Green Meeting

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Recycling receptacle, Monona Terrace rooftop As a meeting planner, your number one priority is to make sure that your attendees are happy and satisfied. However, meeting planners also feel a growing obligation to be environmentally-conscious, choosing meeting options that leave a smaller carbon footprint on our planet. Working with an eco-friendly meeting facility [...]

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Five Ways to Achieve a Green Wedding Reception

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Some people might have you believe that “it’s not easy being green.” With so many things to consider when planning a wedding reception, thinking about the environment might seem like another worry. However, it is becoming simpler —and more fun—to apply “green” principles to weddings and receptions. There are easy ways to reduce your impact [...]

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