Unbeatable Rooftop Views of Madison

Ask any Madisonian to name the best view in downtown Madison and the one answer you’re most likely to get is “the rooftop garden at Monona Terrace.” With a panoramic view that encompasses Lake Monona, the State Capitol Building, and downtown Madison, the view from the 68,000 sq ft William T. Evjue Rooftop Garden offers the perfect summer setting for rooftop dining and taking in the downtown skyline and tranquil waters of Lake Monona.

Monona Terrace is centered in the downtown Madison skyline, and the view is truly panoramic and breathtaking, especially from Lake Vista Café. To the south, you’ll see Olin Park and Pavillion across Lake Monona as well as the Capital City Trail that runs along John Nolen Drive. Of course, Lake Monona is an expansive central view and is 2 miles or more across at almost every point from your view. To the north, you’ll see Hudson Park and in the distance is the Olbrich Botanical Gardens.

And on either side of your view at Lake Vista Café is the eclectic and stunning architecture of downtown Madison. Perhaps the most noteworthy of buildings is directly behind the view of the lake – the Wisconsin State Capitol Building. This stately structure is just down Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. and is another can’t-miss location in Madison.

And to make your viewing experience even more enjoyable, Lake Vista Café is perhaps the best rooftop cafe in Madison. What better way to enjoy spectacular views of downtown Madison and Lake Monona than a wonderful meal with family and friends served by the friendly staff at Lake Vista Café.

Lake Vista Café is well-known on the Madison rooftop dining scene for offering a variety of lunch and dinner options in a casual gourmet atmosphere. Gentle breezes almost always flow across the lake, and help you get the most out of the unbeatable view.

The menu at Lake Vista Café offers a variety of options for almost any taste, from local favorites like cheese curds to global cuisine. Grab an appetizer and a glass of wine or enjoy salads, sandwiches, and entrees. Whatever you choose, you’ll enjoy a full sensory experience, thanks to the best rooftop dining view in Madison.

Lake Vista Café is just one thing to enjoy while visiting Monona Terrace Community and Convention Center. Be sure and partake in one of the numerous events, enjoy a stroll around the William T. Evjue Rooftop Garden, or take a full tour of this amazing Frank Lloyd Wright-designed complex. Monona Terrace and Lake Vista Café is a prime location for anyone in search of Madison rooftop views.

Visit Lake Vista Café and see the views for yourself.