Monona Terrace Student Tours & Programs

*NEW* Live Zoom Presentation for Students
Educators, Monona Terrace now offers a live Zoom presentation for your classroom. Our staff will conduct a lesson about architecture and Frank Lloyd Wright in real time.

In a slideshow format, we’ll tell the story of Monona Terrace and share about Wisconsin native Frank Lloyd Wright’s revolutionary contributions to the physical environment. The lesson aligns with academic standards in social studies and art and design.

This program is free and suitable for Grades 3-12.  All that is required is internet access and a computer with audio accessibility.

Please contact Heather Sabin for more information.

Architecture Tours for Students

On guided tours, students explore how buildings are designed, from where architects draw inspiration to their choices of materials, shapes and scale. The tour engages students in thinking about the impact of buildings on themselves and their environments. $3/student

Froebel Block Workshop

Frank Lloyd Wright played with these wooden blocks as a youth and acknowledged them as an important influence on his architecture. In hands-on block workshops, students understand geometric designs and their connections to the larger world. Sessions take place at your school. $2/student

DISCover Domes Activity + Tour

This program begins with a tour highlighting the importance of domes and geometry at Monona Terrace. Through cooperative learning, students will use cardboard discs to build large scale domes and better understand these iconic structures.   $4/student

Planning Your Visit

Admission and Payment
Refer to program listings for student fees- please note payment is due two weeks in advance of your visit. Schools may qualify for reduced rates based on the percentage of children participating in free-and-reduced lunch programs, as determined by the Department of Public Instruction.

School staff receives complimentary admission. Group chaperones are $4/person for all programs. There must be at least one adult chaperone for every 10 students on the tour.

Lunch Space Options
Our rooftop, unless rented for private use, is available for tour groups to eat lunch outdoors. Nearby Olin Park and the Capitol Square are also good, no-cost, outdoor lunch options. Indoor lunch facilities at Monona Terrace are available for rental only.

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