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About Our Student Programs

Monona Terrace student programs enrich your STEM, social studies, language arts, and art curriculum.  Using Frank Lloyd Wright’s architecture as a text, our programs foster observing skills, problem-solving, and collaborating. 

Tour and program facilitation is inquiry-based and encourages students to articulate their ideas, use reasoning, and make applications to real-world scenarios.  All offerings are designed to support Common Core and state academic standards.   

Refer to program listings below for student fees- please note payment is due two weeks in advance of your visit. Schools may qualify for reduced rates based on the percentage of children participating in free-and-reduced lunch programs, as determined by the Department of Public Instruction. 

School staff receives complimentary admission.  Group chaperones are $4/person for all programs. There must be at least one adult chaperone for every 10 students on the tour.

Our rooftop, unless rented for private use, is available for tour groups to eat lunch outdoors. Nearby Olin Park and the Capitol Square are also good, no-cost, outdoor lunch options. Indoor lunch facilities at Monona Terrace are available for rental only. 

Student tour groups are requested to complete a tour request form.



Student Tours

On guided tours, students explore how buildings are designed- from where architects draw inspiration to their choices of materials, shapes and scale. The tour engages students in thinking about the impact of buildings on themselves and their environments.   $3/student  1 hour duration

"You did an excellent job!  Thank you... it was amazing that you were so organized and the docents were knowledgeable and great with kids. Thank you so much for the wonderful experience." — K.C W., Madison

 “I have enjoyed researching you (Monona Terrace) for the past month for our Frank Lloyd Wright project. I chose to research you because you are very unique. You have many curvilinear designs on your exterior, as well as your interior and it makes you look stunning! We just had our Art and Architecture trip and on our second stop, we took a tour of you! That was definitely the highlight of my day!!…I hope you have fun meeting the next batch of 5th graders next year, and I will remember you and this trip forever. — Kylie M., Wakanda Elementary


DISCover Structure and Highlights Tour

Students investigate how buildings stand up in this team activity to construct large-scale structures with cardboard discs. Opt for the Domes-themed activity to complement your field trip to the State Capitol.   A Highlights Tour of Monona Terrace’s architecture follows.   $4/student 90 minutes duration  

Froebel Block Workshops

In the 1830´s, German educator Friedrich Froebel developed a system of educational toys that included "gifts" of wooden blocks. Frank Lloyd Wright played with Froebel blocks as a youth and acknowledged them as a fundamental influence on his architecture.

Monona Terrace facilitates Froebel block workshops in Dane County third, fourth and fifth grade classrooms. Each student works with a set of blocks to build two- and three-dimensional designs. The activities emphasize spatial thinking about shape, pattern, symmetry and scale. Throughout guided play, students will develop skills in cause and effect thinking, problem solving, concentration, and creativity.   $2/student   45 minutes duration

Here's what some of the teachers had to say:

“The students enjoy this program each year. This was our third year. The activities are engaging to each student regardless of learning needs (from students requiring support to those requiring enrichment).”

“Outstanding! The students really love it.”   “We love the connection to math and art. The event is always well done. We also do a biography unit with our third graders, so we connect Frank Lloyd Wright to that unit as well.”  

The program fee is $2/student.  For more information, contact Heather Sabin at or 608-261-4015.


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Terrace Town Going Green

Returning in early 2018.


Our biennial Terrace Town program challenges Dane County classrooms to design and build models of sustainable communities.  Teachers work in partnership with volunteer "mentors"- architects, planners, and design professionals- to facilitate the students'  work over several months.

Here's what some of the participating teachers had to say:

“Kids of all levels and abilities can be involved.  Really builds class cohesiveness, teamwork, problem solving and compromising skills.”

 “This program engages learners to think as an individual as well as a member of an important team.  Fantastic method of teaching in a multiple intelligence way."

“The connections to our standards are numerous.  The relevance/authenticity is high.  And-oh yes- it’s fun!”

For more information, view an 11-minute video here.  

The Wright 3 Book Club

The Wright 3, by Blue Balliett, is a mystery for 10-12 year old readers about the Wright-designed Robie House in Chicago. For activities based on the book in language arts, social studies and visual arts, contact Heather Sabin at or 608-261-4015.


Teacher Workshops

There are no teacher workshops scheduled at this time.  If you wish to be informed about upcoming workshops, please contact Heather Sabin at or 608-261-4015.












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