Event Planning

Finding a good event planner can be challenging. The best event planners have a diverse set of skills which is crucial to a well planned and executed event. A professional event planner combines attention to detail and organizational skills with leadership, hard work and a level head to ensure your event or occasion go as smoothly as possible. 

We are here to help you determine the proper balance between cost and quality when it comes to finding the right event planner for your special occasion or event. Here are a few things to consider when searching for the best event planner for whatever occasion or event you have coming up.

Find the “Right” Event Planner

Sometimes finding a good event planner is more about finding the right planner for your event. Because they will be working for you, meetings with prospective planners should be treated like a job interview. Be sure to ask the questions you need to make sure your candidate is right for you and the event. Ask if they have experience with your type of event and what challenges they have had to overcome. Ask important questions that are specific to your event. If you want live music, make sure they know what’s involved for your musical needs, such as a DJ or jazz band. If it’s a seminar or convention, do they have experience working with technology, green rooms, and crowd control.

It’s your responsibility to ask the right questions to ensure that you hire the right event planner and that they are set up for success.

Planning Skills

This may seem self-evident, but there’s more to event planning than making a few calls, lining up food and music and hauling velvet rope and microphones to some location. A good event planner knows the ins and outs of various types of events and the unique aspects of each. From large scale weddings and parties, to seminars and conventions, to upscale intimate events, a good event planner must possess a wide range of skills and know-how to get the job done.

Getting to Know You!

A good event planner will take the time to get to know you and understand your vision. Developing a solid rapport with you should be one of the first things they do. Having mutual trust is key to a successful event. Make sure you’re open and honest about what you want, your budget and any pertinent details that can make or break your special occasion. Because when the day(s) of your event arrive, you want someone in your corner who you trust can deal with problems and the unforeseen issues that are sure to arise.

The Devil is in the Details

A great event planner knows how to plan ahead for the little things and last-minute curve balls that always come up. Are there enough power outlets? Do they have a copy of your speaker(s) presentation? Do you have back-up staff if someone is sick or stuck in traffic? Is the wifi working? Did you test the sound equipment beforehand? Have a back-up plan for everything. And then have a back-up plan for your back-up plan. Your event planner should always be one step ahead (or two!).

Locations! Locations! Locations!

A great event planner should know and understand the different venues in your area and the potential challenges and opportunities they offer. In fact, your event planner may have suggestions that you’d never thought of that can add something special, save you money, eliminate headaches and make your event the best it can be.

Often, a single location can handle a wide variety of events and are highly regarded and recommended by skilled event planners, such as Monona Terrace. Monona Terrace has the versatility to handle just about any kind of event and gives your event that “wow” factor you may want. Monona Terrace offers inside and outside locations, incredible amenities, ample parking, and of course, the stunning visuals of Lake Monona and the architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright.

“I got a guy…”

Sometimes it’s all about having insider information to get the right person, location, or service. A good event planner can work magic with their connections, contacts and stellar reputation. Need a harpist, singer, or a sushi chef at the last minute? A great event planner has them on speed dial. Event planners often rise to the occasion if there’s a challenge and enjoy being able to pull a rabbit out of a hat to make your event memorable.


Cheaper isn’t always better when it comes to an event planner. And the most expensive planner doesn’t mean they’re the best. Find an event planner that you would enjoy working with and who has the planning skills we’ve discussed to make your event as successful as possible.

If you are an event planner and are looking for the right venue, consider Monona Terrace and all it has to offer. Learn more about Monona Terrace