Community Events Tickets

Monona Terrace is producing several free and paid events that now require an online ticket. We have implemented this new system to allow for better communication with our customers, and to help us better estimate crowd size to ensure the comfort and safety of all patrons. Events that do not require a ticket can be found on our website here.

Here is a list of current, upcoming events that require online tickets.

Wright Design Series

Thursday, April 4

“Organic Architecture and the Sustaining Ecosystem”

Stuart Graff, President and CEO,
Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation

Frank Lloyd Wright pioneered a modern American architecture inspired by and built for nature; he called it organic architecture. As we grapple with the current changes to our environment, Graff explores how we can use Wright’s organic architecture to build more sustainably and think differently to build a better tomorrow.

Free Ticket Required


Mini Meditation Retreat

Sunday, April 7

Community Terrace

Please join us in the beautiful surroundings of Monona Terrace for a mini meditation retreat guided by Sarah Moore M.D.



Wright Design Series

Thursday, April 11

“Highly Processed”

Sebastian Schmaling, AIA, LEED AP,
Johnsen Schmaling Architects

Over the last 15 years, Milwaukee-based Johnsen Schmaling Architects has established itself as one of America’s leading voices in contemporary architecture. At a time when the quiet, the subtle, and the profound are increasingly viewed as archaic values incompatible with today’s short attention spans, the award-winning work of Johnsen Schmaling Architects stands out for its conceptual rigor, serene simplicity, and formal restraint.

Free Ticket Required