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There are obvious questions you need to have answered before your wedding, such as where the wedding will be, the number of guests and the color of the bridesmaids’ dresses. But there are other important details that should be squared away with the venue well before the big day, information that often goes overlooked until the last moment. Read on to make sure you’re getting this essential information.

  1. Overlooked charges. Sales tax, service charges (which are taxable) and bartender, cake cutting and entrée fees can really add up. Make sure you ask the percentage of the service charge and request a list of tacked-on fees upfront. While Monona Terrace’s multiple entrée fees and cake cutting fees are included in the catering package, other venues may count these as separate charges.

Find out if your location offers a reception room discount in which the amount spent on food and beverages reduces the room rental fee and if there is a food and beverage minimum. Be sure to ask what the room rental covers. For example, Monona Terrace includes tables, chairs, high cocktail tables, linens, head tables, cake table, gift table and seating placement card table in the room rental fee.

  1. Quality of services offered. Each venue differs in what services it provides for the bride. Make sure you ask:
    • Is the staff available to help with decoration and/or clean up?
    • How much time is available for advance decoration and move-out at the end?
    • How many tables does each wait staff serve (e.g., Monona Terrace assigns one wait staff for every three tables)?
    • Does the venue supply a greeter or someone to direct guests to your event space?
    • Is there a contact on location on the day of your event?

Monona Terrace stations a greeter at the building entrance, and the catering manager is onsite the day of the wedding. Details like this are important to know ahead of time and play a key role in making your day run smoothly.

  1. Food and catering details. Find out if your venue prepares the food and beverages onsite or if catering is brought in. If food and beverages are brought in, ask your coordinator who is responsible for accepting delivery and how the food is kept fresh. At Monona Terrace, the food and beverages are prepared onsite and staff handles all the details needed to ensure the food is kept fresh and delivered to your guests on time.

Peace of mind is one of the most important components of your special day. When you’re entrusting a facility with one of the most important days of your life, there should be minimal opportunity for things go wrong. Being able to depend on the staff and your venue allows you to fully enjoy the moment.

For details on wedding services and coordination, contact Breanne Chase, Social Sales Manager at Monona Terrace at 608-261-4093.