Tech trends that make sharing your memories easy

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Planning a Share-able Wedding Technology is a welcome guest at weddings these days. It’s no longer out of the ordinary to include unique wedding hashtags to help organize your Instagram photos or offer charging stations and selfie sticks to keep your reception guests videoing and clicking all night long. So what will 2018 bring? [...]

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Here’s What’s Hot:

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The Wedding Trends The Pros Are Seeing Right Now Wedding magazines love predicting what’ll be hot — and certainly what’s not — each year. And that made us wonder: Just what are the trends that event planners at Monona Terrace are seeing right now? Here’s what one had to say. Vintage Rustic is Replacing Straight-Up [...]

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Set Your Tables and Set the Tone

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Five Wedding Tabletop Trends for 2015 Wedding receptions are as unique as the couple that’s marrying. And setting the right tone begins with your table decorations. “When your guests enter the reception area, how do you want them to feel? What mood do you want to set?” asks Wendy Brown-Haddock, [...]

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So You Said Yes. Now What?

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SVHeart Photography Congratulations—and let the planning begin! We’ve helped hundreds of brides and grooms make their big-day dreams come true at Monona Terrace. So we put our heads together and developed a list of the first five things to do after you get engaged (besides celebrate). Follow these suggestions and we’re [...]

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Budget-friendly wedding decoration inspiration

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Weddings are a beautiful experience on any budget. Being creative when on a tight budget allows you to use your imagination and infuse personality into your special day. Here are some tips, ideas and guidelines to help inspire you to get creative to make the most out of a wedding decorating budget. […]

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Your Wedding: Better in Two Places or One?

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As the trends and “wish-fors” in the wedding planning process lean toward a more simplified approach, an increasing number of couples are consolidating their ceremony and reception into one location. And while many couples have uncovered a variety of benefits in doing so, how do you know if it’s right for you? Let’s explore some benefits [...]

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Top Five Ways Color Can Make Your Wedding Unforgettable

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Planning your wedding can be stressful. There are a lot of moving parts, which, in the end, all need to work together in order to make your wedding a success. A key part of your wedding is color choice. The right color coordination can make a wedding. The wrong wedding color schemes have the opposite [...]

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Five Ways to Achieve a Green Wedding Reception

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Some people might have you believe that “it’s not easy being green.” With so many things to consider when planning a wedding reception, thinking about the environment might seem like another worry. However, it is becoming simpler —and more fun—to apply “green” principles to weddings and receptions. There are easy ways to reduce your impact [...]

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