There is no meeting blunder more noticeable than a glitch in A/V or technology. Microphones that don’t work, projectors that can’t display a presentation and lighting malfunctions: we’ve all experienced these speed bumps during what should be a great event or meeting.

Ensure your A/V and tech needs are met by following these simple guidelines when planning a corporate meeting or event:

  • Get involved on the front end and be sure your A/V and tech partner does the same. With the right event venue, there will be staff dedicated to A/V and tech needs. Their purpose should not be to appear for onsite troubleshooting alone; they should also be committed to helping you find the best A/V and technology solutions for your event on the front end as well. Clearly share your must-haves and wish-fors in early meetings.
  • Communicate changes early and often. Did the event flow change? Did the number of speakers increase or decrease? Each of these seemingly slight adjustments can have significant impacts on the A/V and technology needs for your event or meeting. Be sure to share modifications as soon as possible with your A/V partner.
  • Don’t assume you know what’s possible. Ask. Technology changes daily, and leading event venues should adapt their capabilities to take advantage of these changes for their guests and clients. While something may have worked well in the past – don’t assume that greater solutions aren’t possible today. Have a conversation with your event planner and A/V partner to know that you’re doing everything you can to ensure the best experience for your event attendees.
  • Insist on A/V help throughout your event. Even the best plans for A/V and tech needs can run into potential issues the day of your event. Be sure you have someone on hand – in the room or a phone call away – in case you need assistance.
  • Explore expanding your audience. Event attendance can sometimes be a challenge. Some event venues, such as Monona Terrace, can provide real-time video capabilities for attendees that cannot be there in person. Consider these types of tools to increase your attendance numbers – and possibly your event revenue.

From a simple microphone and podium to a complex lighting display, audiovisual needs require the right team of experts to be sure your event has the best backdrop possible for your speakers and powerful content to shine. Consider Monona Terrace and their team – which always includes dedicated audiovisual and technology partners – when booking your next event or corporate meeting.

By Jeff Griffith, Monona Terrace