Find Useful Event Planning Apps

Event planning apps are plentiful and it’s up to you to find one (or more) that has features that are helpful for your specific event planning needs. “Specific” is the operative word here. With so many types of events and unique tasks that go along with each, it makes sense that there are many different types of apps for event planners to satisfy their varying needs.

To be clear, there is really no “one app to rule them all.” Many apps offer multiple tools, but you will likely find yourself using several apps to manage various aspects of your event. Free event planning apps are the norm, with optional upgrading. And there are some free trials that switch to monthly charges.

Whether you’re trying to plan your own wedding or reception or you’re a seasoned professional event planner, here are some of our favorite apps that can make your life easier, your event better, and save you time and money.

Planning Pod – One App that “sort of” rules them all

Okay so we said there wasn’t “one app that rules them all,” but this is close. If you’re a professional event planner with lots of complex projects and a team, check out Planning Pod. It’s worth the 30-day free trial just to explore the 20+ event specific tools that can help with all your events.

Planning Pod allows you to manage bookings, customers, sales, events, and operations all in one platform. Some of the key features include venue management software, event planning software, floor plan software as well as team / client communication and collaboration tools.

It also integrates with other important and ubiquitous platforms like Google, Slack, EventBrite, MailChimp and Zapier. If you’re a professional planner you might check out Super Planner too. It’s in a similar realm.

Available on Desktop, Android, and iOS.
Cost: 30-day free trial and then plans that start at $20/month.

Evernote – A magic “notepad” for everything

Evernote is a note-taking app that manages digital files,including texts, images, web pages and more. You can tag things too for categorizing and use its powerful search tool to find anything you’ve stored. You can share files with a team for collaboration as well.
Evernote is available on just about every operating system, including Linux, and most every smartphone.

Cost: Evernote is free, but you can upgrade to premium or business levels.

EventBrite – Promote an event and sell tickets

This is an old standard that most event planners know and love. EventBrite has been around since 2006 and has mastered technology specific to creating an online “home” for an event that needs ticketing, ticket sales, registration, and tools to promote an event, like creating a customizable event page.

Available on everything.

Cost: You can get started for free, but there are lots of options.

Bizzabo offers similar features and tools as EventBrite, and many people say it’s easier to use, set-up, and admin.

Other apps like this that handle guest registration, check-in, and management include Certain Arrive, Zkipster, Bizzabo, and Social Tables.

Slack – Communicating with your team

If you work in corporate America, chances are you’ve used Slack or a tool like it. Slack allows you to create “rooms” and send direct messages to individuals, groups, or the entire team. It keeps track of all messages by date and time, allows you to instantly send links/files, and is way easier than email to keep track of long threads of communication. It also has a tendency to rein in your longer-winded co-workers.

Available on Mac, Windows and respective smartphones.
Cost: Free for 10,000 messages and then $7/month per user.

Another well-known project management and team communication tool is BaseCamp, which is great for assigning tasks, due dates, comments and more.

Pinterest – Help out of a creative slump

Yep, Pinterest, especially for weddings. If all you’re looking for is some creative inspiration, go to Pinterest. You can find just about any kind of visual cue to help you envision your perfect day, from clothing, food, and entertainment to lighting, locations, and decor. Pinterest can also be a game-changer if you’re an event planner. Simply create separate “boards” for all your clients and share and store visual inspirations easily without having to rely on email.

Available on any device, and it’s free.

If you’re looking for wedding specific inspiration, take a look at Wedding Wire or The Knot.

MagicPlan – Visualize the space

Used mostly by contractors, MagicPlan uses state-of-the-art technology and your smartphone’s camera to accurately measure and sketch your location or venue in 2D and 3D. Wow. You can add photos, notes, forms, and markups to share with your clients and teams. It integrates seamlessly with other visualization tools like 2020 Design and Floorplanner.

Available on Desktop, Android, and iOS.
Cost: Starts at $10/month, not including integrations.

Capsule – A fun, photo app that make a difference

After an event is over, how much wasted time have you spent tracking down people to have them send you photos they took? Try Capsule. Have everyone download the app before the event, then all the photos they take are automatically imported to an online shared capsule. Now everyone’s photos are available in one place.

Available on Desktop, Android and iOS
Cost: Free!

Planning your own wedding?

So you’re feeling ambitious and want to plan your own wedding? Here are a couple of wedding planning apps that can help you not go crazy before the big day arrives.


If you’re about to embark on planning a wedding, you may have already heard of or used Wedding Wire. is a well-known go-to site for people who have no idea where to go. It has a huge database of venues, vendors, and more to start planning, as well as a myriad of other tools from building a seating chart to budgeting to building your own wedding webpage. Wedding Wire has a “pro” version for professional wedding planners.

Available on Desktop, Android, and iOS
Cost: Free with upgrades. Vendors can advertise here.


One thing most weddings have in common besides an embarrassing relative is that they go over budget. is another site you may have heard of, and it’s an easy-to-use money management site that’s free. Part of the Intuit family (TurboTax and QuickBooks), it syncs with your bank and credit card accounts and allows you to create a budget, monitor how you spend, and move money around to cover those unexpected expenses. Stay on budget with text reminders and email summaries of how you’re spending and when payments are due.

Available on Desktop, Android, and iOS
Cost: Free with upgrades.

Whether you’re looking for apps for event planners, event planning apps, or wedding planning apps, the best thing you can do is just dive in and see what’s available. We hope this list helps jumpstart the planning of your next event!

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