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do it yourself wedding favors

When choosing do-it-yourself wedding favors to give your guests, there’s no shortage of ideas. A quick search online reveals candies in decorated jars, bags of coffee beans, s’mores in cute containers—the list is endless. But what if you want to make and give something a little more sentimental or personal? Here are a dozen ideas to inspire you.

do it yourself wedding favors ideas

1. Love notes in a journal.

Every person who attends your wedding is special to you in some way. Why not tell Aunt Sally why you’re glad she’s there? Buy small journals and use the first page to express your feelings of affection, then set each book at the proper place setting. If you write the message, ask your spouse to add a P.S. To make the gift more substantial, include a pen imprinted with your names and wedding date or a sentimental verse.

wedding favors ideas

2. Scented candles.

You can make your own candles or you could enlist a small-batch candle maker to produce them for you. Name your own signature fragrance, such as “Love In The Air” and design a label for the top of the tin or side of the jar. Consider a scent that will remind your guests of the location of your wedding, like cedar for a woodsy ceremony or a floral fragrance for vows said in a garden.

3. A donation to a charity.

Guests will appreciate your donation to an organization that is meaningful to you and your partner, made on behalf of all the guests. A donation is also a sweet way to remember someone special who is no longer with you. Place a keepsake card at each place setting that explains why you chose the not-for-profit and what it means to you personally.

cheap wedding favor ideas

4. Coasters.

You’ve probably seen coasters made using a tile, scrapbooking paper, Mod Podge® and waterproofing material. To personalize this idea, affix sheet music featuring your wedding processional, pages from a book of love poems or even photos of you or your wedding location. Wrap a ribbon around a set of four coasters and place by each place setting.

what to give guests at a wedding

5. Measuring spoons in the shape of a heart.

They’re cute on their own, but made more meaningful when you attach a little booklet of  your favorite recipes. Every time your guests cook something delicious, they’ll think of you.

6. Magnets.

Often called bubble magnets or marble magnets, these little domes are the perfect toppers for images or letters underneath. Clip pretty designs from magazines or postcards that reflect your wedding’s theme, or spell “LOVE” or your guest’s names. Then place a set of four or six magnets in closeable tins (even breath mint tins work) with a label on top featuring your names, wedding date and location.

7. Custom CDs.

Make paper CD cases featuring images that reflect your wedding’s theme or sheet music from your ceremony. Then download music onto CDs that best represents you and your special day.


8. Tree seedlings.

Order baby trees and tie a burlap sack at the base. Attach a card that thanks your guests for attending, and ask them to plant the tree in honor of love that grows.

9. Caricatures.

Hire an artist to sketch a caricature of each of your guests or even entire families throughout the reception. Ask the artist to include you and your spouse’s names and your wedding date along the bottom or back, and place the sketch in a decorated folder for protection.

10. Centerpieces to pass along.

Instead of cut flowers in vases, grow plant or flower cuttings and place the small pots at each place setting or on a table. Ask your guests to take the plants and pass them along to nursing homes, hospitals or neighbors who need a smile. Include a stake that features a saying about sharing love. In the act of giving, your guests will receive a meaningful gift from you—the opportunity to spread joy.

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