There are a variety of decisions that go into planning for a successful meeting or event. One of your biggest is the actual location. Safety, adequate lodging, walkability and budget are concerns and should be part of your decision-making process. Also headlining the list of important items is how location will impact the success of your event and your attendees’ experience.

Photo credit: Steve Casey

Photo credit: Steve Casey

By thinking outside of the box of typical convention towns and hotel meeting rooms, you provide your attendees with a more unique meeting experience. This can help in stimulating creative and thoughtful discussions and an overall improved event experience.

One city that may go overlooked is Madison. It’s often considered too far a way from larger cities and other amenities. However its unique attributes all work together to help encourage a more successful meeting.

1.  Intellectual Inspiration
Madison is an amazing intellectual Capitol. It is a bustling city that retains the feeling of nature, from the sturdy trees that line the streets to the expanse of grass and flowers that surrounds the beautiful state Capitol. The view of Lake Monona from Monona Terrace offers scenery that can’t help but inspire curiosity, creativity and constant learning.

2.  Energy-Inducing Architecture
Monona Terrace itself is a unique staging area to ramp up energy and encourageside profile attendee interaction. This LEED-Certified building, poised at the very edge of Lake Monona brings the beauty of the outdoors in, reflecting the very goal Frank Lloyd Wright had when he designed the building.

3.  Improved Attendance
Many cities and venues have an element that is unique to them, but they should also be able to demonstrate how that uniqueness directly contributes to the success of an event.

The Greater Madison Convention & Visitors Bureau found the majority of organizations who held an event in Madison reported higher attendee rates compared to the previous year for events elsewhere. The result: better event income. Attendees also reported a higher level of dialogue when meeting at Monona Terrace. Now that’s inspiring.

The goal for every event planner is a successful meeting. This could mean reaching meeting objectives, pleasing stakeholders or entertaining attendees. To do so, meeting planners are often looking for something new, different and memorable – and a refreshing atmosphere can do wonders for turning a good meeting into a great one.

Madison has a long track record of contributing to successful meetings with better attendance and greater satisfaction all around. To learn more about hosting an event in Madison, contact Jeff Holcomb, CMP, Senior Convention Sales Manager with Destination Madison at 800-373-6376, ext. 3941.