It’s not often event venues make sustainability a priority. Creating an energy-efficient Monona Terrace, green environment takes time and, well, energy. It’s an undertaking that requires patience and understanding of the newest green technologies. Many large buildings choose to stick with what they know, rather than explore other options.

Monona Terrace is ahead of this trend. With five years of LEED-Certified sustainability under its belt, Monona Terrace is on the cusp of re-certifying the building to an even higher standard. LEED is an all-encompassing sustainability certification that elevates the importance of human and environmental health – a benefit for both you and your attendees. And by hosting an event at Monona Terrace, you are already doing your part for the environment!

1. Responsible recycling. Over 52% of the waste stream at Monona Terrace is recycled. That means every time you host an event at the facility, at least half of what you and your attendees consume is either returned to the environment or recycled and re-used. You can feel good knowing leftover food is donated to local food pantries. And, approximately 3,700 pounds of pre-consumer food waste is also composted each month.

2. Green cleaning. Monona Terrace follows a green cleaning program to keep employees and visitors safe. This means all cleaning materials contain low or no volatile organic compounds (VOCs). VOCs can include a variety of chemicals, some of which may have short- and long-term adverse health effects. These safer alternatives ensure meeting visitors, wedding attendees and all Monona Terrace guests aren’t exposed to harsh irritants often present in public buildings.

3. Water and energy conservation. Over the past five years, Monona Terrace has been able to cut its water use by 31%. Low flow toilets that will be installed as part of the building-wide renovation will further decrease water use. Monona Terrace also installed specialty lighting systems, which has allowed them to cut energy use by 27.4%, greatly decreasing greenhouse gas emissions.

Energy efficiency and sustainability has always been at the core of Monona Terrace’s practices, and the LEED Certification is simply a positive byproduct of this commitment. To learn more about the steps Monona Terrace continues to take to help minimize its environmental impact, contact Jeff Griffith, building maintenance and technical supervisor at Monona Terrace 608.261.4000.