Ten smart goodie-bag ideas for your corporate event.

There’s no shortage of swag options out there. While no one wants to drag home cheaply made stuff—which is why it ends up in the trash—event attendees do appreciate useful branded items. Luckily, there are plenty to choose from. We picked five of our favorite giveaways for use during the event and five take-home items to keep your brand’s fire burning long after the lights go out.

Giveaways for use during your conference

  1. Work-session fidget toys. Trainers call them tools with good reason—they help people focus. Examples: Squishy rings or balls, Silly Putty, rubber shapes covered in “feelers,” puzzle cubes, even adult coloring pages and colored pencils.

In addition to keeping people’s minds focused, toys also reduce the urge of your attendees to fidget with their phones. Another bonus: if your fidget toys are intriguing enough, your attendees will upload photos to their social media accounts, which gives your event extra mileage.

  1. Allergen-free snacks. Your attendees will appreciate them, especially if they’re heading outside of the venue to check out nearby attractions. Even better? Provide snacks that somehow relate to your industry, host city or that are provided by a vendor. If so, give them credit.
  1. Experiences. Instead of “stuff,” give your guests coupons for discounted local attractions. Or offer an event-sponsored evening at a sporting event or show.
  1. Mobile chargers. Even if your venue offers plenty of charging stations, people appreciate the convenience of charging right where they are. Provide phone and screen cleaners and you’ve made their experience that much better.
  1. USB drive. Sure, your attendees will expect the presentations from your conference, but surprise them by loading it with information about local attractions. Include plenty of photos so your guests can show their friends, family and co-workers when they’re back home.

Then put everything in a functional bag. Consider a backpack rather than a traditional shopping bag. In either case, insist on quality and keep your branding clean-looking and attractive.

Take-home items that provide lasting value

Since your attendees will be packing these items to bring home, make sure they’re not too bulky or fragile. Also choose giveaways that will make your guests’ trip home a little more enjoyable.

  1. Smartphone screen magnifiers. They’re handy on the flight or train-ride home and worth saving for travels yet to come. Thanks to you, there’s no need to squint anymore.
  1. Earbuds. They’re easy to brand for all to see. If you’ve got a bigger budget, consider portable speakers.
  1. Cord keepers, or “tacos.” Gather cords, then fold the keeper and snap everything into place. They’re great for traveling long distances but also just between home and work. There’s plenty of surface area too for your logo. Materials range from neoprene to leather.
  1. Playing cards. They’re inexpensive to brand, easy to pack and lightweight. Plus, since most card games are played with two or more people, your logo will get looks.
  1. Drones! Mini ones start around $35 and go way up from there, but this is a giveaway that will be remembered, whether your attendees just have fun with it when they’re back home or use it for meaningful projects. A drone is especially appropriate if your company is in the technology industry or if your event’s theme or presentations focused on the future.

No matter what you choose for your giveaways, remember that the quality of your swag reflects your brand, so choose your items carefully. Enjoy!


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