Cheap Wedding Favor Ideas, DIY Wedding Favor Ideas

Choosing wedding favors can be overwhelming, probably because you’re overthinking it. Here are some wedding favor tips to help get you started and some creative ideas to help inspire you.

Make It Memorable

Wedding favors should be something your guests will remember you by. Whether it’s a long-lasting item, like a silver candy dish or coasters, or an item they’ll use only once, like a bath bomb or candy, it should be something that inspires thoughts of you and your big day.

Make It Useful

“Useful” can be something that is a one-and-done kind of thing, like a food item. Or it can be something intended to last for a long time, like heart-shaped measuring spoons or a wine opener. The point is that if it’s used, that means it provides value to the person you’ve given it to. And they’ll think of you when they use it!

Make It Transportable

Your guests will need to get it home in one piece, especially if it’s a destination wedding or you have guests who have to fly. So keep it small, lightweight, and if they’re flying, remember that the item needs to be legal to transport on commercial flights.

Keep It Simple

Your wedding favor, no matter what the cost, does not have to be complicated or an unneeded hassle. Just think simple and thank us later.

Make It Personal

Isn’t this the same thing as memorable? Nope! No matter what it is, the ideal wedding favor should be something that says something about the newly married couple. For instance, candles from a magical spot you and your new spouse go to, or personalized whisky glasses because you and your future spouse are whisky aficionados, or treats from an amazing local pastry shop that you love.

Of course, one of the most common (and popular) things you can do to make your wedding favors personal is to personalize them – initials/names, a message, a crest, or something else that is “you.” If you do some online shopping for wedding favors, you can personalize pretty much whatever you want, from York peppermint patties to bottle openers to mason jars and lip balm.

DIY Wedding Favors

Do-it-yourself wedding favors are becoming more and more popular. Just make sure you give yourself the time to “do it yourself.” Remember you’ll have lots of other things to do as the big day approaches! Many of the items on our “popular list” above can be done yourself and on the cheap.

Anything in a bottle: From handwritten notes to spices or bath salts to make-your-own flavor limoncello or vanilla “extract” (made with vodka). You can buy bottles with stoppers or lids for $2 or $3 each (same for mason jars or less) and get customizable sticky labels for a buck each.

Anything in a mason jar: Mason jars are sturdy and cheap. Just fill them with personalized candies, a homemade candle, hot chocolate mixes, bath bombs, or even custom-flavored apple butter or homemade jams/preserves/pickles (cucumber or peppers). Sticky labels are a cinch.

DIY Coasters: Coasters are extremely popular wedding favors, as long as they have some sort of customization. You can buy sets of plain tiles for less than $2 each and then customize them with acrylic paint, for instance.

DIY Plants/Planters: Make personalized planters with easy-to-care-for plants like succulents. All it takes are some mini glass planters, assorted succulents, and some ribbon and paper to tag them. You can find all you need for less than 10 bucks a wedding favor.

Other “Plantables”: Tree seedlings and plantable bags with seeds are widely available for $2 or less. All you have to do is customize the labels.

Need some additional inspiration for DIY wedding favors? A great go-to is always Pinterest!

Lastly, your wedding planner or coordinator should have lots of ideas and many with a local spin to them. They have the experience to help you and even recommendations for your inspired customization!

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