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Planning an event takes a lot of work. Thankfully, there are several tools and resources available that can make planning a corporate event or conference more manageable. Seeking help from a certified meeting professional (CMP) at your venue is an important and helpful first step, but the following list of tools and resources will help round out your event-planning tool belt for event-planning success.

  • Corbin Ball Associations – This site collates hundreds of website recommendations to help you better leverage software, tools and technology throughout your event. This is a great go-to resource.
  • Biz Bash – Biz Bash is a great event-planning industry website that provides event-planning inspiration, ideas and resources to help you plan a memorable event.
  • UCLA Special Events – Designed as an internal resource to plan an event on UCLA’s campus, this site offers meeting planners a variety of free worksheets and templates that you can use to help plan your event.
  • Tom’s Planner – Tom’s Planner is an online project management tool that will help you easily organize tasks and assign deadlines to make sure the planning of your event stays on schedule.

These resources will help you get a good jump on planning your event, and may even give you some really great meeting ideas. It’s also really important to connect with the CMP at your event venue for additional help. We’re trained to find great ways to help your meeting be a success, so don’t be afraid to reach out for help as you plan your next event.

By Laura MacIsaac, CMP, Monona Terrace