Madison Mini Maker Faire

Thank you to our Makers and Sponsors for a successful Madison Maker Faire 2019!


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Some images from the 2019 Mini Maker Faire:

  • Mother and Student at Madison Maker Faire Presenting a project

  • Tesla Coils emitting lightning while a person in a Knight Faraday Suit plays with the lighting

  • A stilt walker with a cape made from colorful LEDs spreads the cape and poses

  • A set of girl twins look with wonder at a lifesize remote controlledR2D2 replica

  • Wisconsin Public Radio Announcer demonstrates headphones to a young listener

  • A robot is projected onto a way in various overlapping colors a family is in shadow in the foreground

  • 2 children write on a whiteboard with glow-in-the dark pens

  • A man is talking with a woman about three chairs that are on a table between them

  • a mother and daughter admire a Lego model of a Minecraft game